Lexicontent is an emotive storytelling studio, nestled between the art of content creation and the science of what moves you. Co-founded with my fiancé, Joseph Rooks, Lexicontent is where I put my experience in creative direction, content strategy, and storytelling to work for brands, businesses, and nonprofits seeking emotional resonance.


101 Personas

People are not stock imagery. So why are we building one-note user experiences that don’t ring true to the human experience? 101 Personas is an empathy tool and collection of vignettes designed for reference, review, and reflection by individuals and teams who want to get up close to real people who lead real lives – pores and all.


Ownable Truths

Ownable Truths is a marketplace for your mantra. A creative collaboration between storyteller Amanda Serfozo (co-founder, Lexicontent) and designer Shay Bocks (founder, Feast Design Co.), we shift words and shape design into goods for those who make a lifestyle and livelihood from the revelations of self-reflection.