It's You They're Waiting For

I have to share something really powerful with you this morning that's been turning in the back of my mind for several weeks since attending Leadercast here in Atlanta.

A powerful call to action that inspires me to a standing ovation, THIS is everything I can point to and say "there's cadence", "there's sequencing", "there's the emotional climax", "there's the falling action". Chase and I talked about it at length on The Dispatch FM last night, relating back to sermons and how each word is specifically constructed so that the audience hangs on each syllable. That kind of writing and delivery is an art form I will always respect and strive for.

I'm so excited to meet the team behind this incredible event in the next few weeks. Leaders, go check out Leadercast Now, the new on-demand video content series. Built just for you, the series is for thinkers and doers who spend their time wondering – how can I be a "beyond me" leader?

• • • 

You wander aimlessly in a land of leaders and broken promises,
You live day by day with no destination.
Once there were dreamers, explorers, and heroes here.
But those are just stories of what was. 

You've been waiting for someone worth following.
A leader worth following.
So is everyone else.

It's YOU they're waiting for.

Where there is darkness you bring the light,
Where it is broken, you bring the tools,
When you win, you win without boasting,
When you fall, you dust off your shoulders and rebuild.

They are good, but they are not like you — you stand apart. 

Let them speak while you act,
Let them rest while you dig your boots in the mud and carry on,
Do all this with love, and they will love you.
Persevere, and they will respect you.

Lead and they will follow. 

The world is watching.
The world is waiting.
It's you they're waiting for.  

Amanda Serfozo