This Is The Beginning



It's true what they say, even though I've always frowned upon the saying.

The cobbler's children have no shoes.

I've been itchy for the past three months. Itchy to reinvent. Itchy to reevaluate. Itchy to renew, rejuvenate, reignite. 

Today, I'm proud to announce the rebrand of my own brand and blog.

Welcome to the new home of

This is a space for musing with friends, mind sharing with colleagues, and meeting my next new clients.

While I was considering what I wanted this site to look like, I couldn't find anything pre-made that felt like 'me'. I visited Design Blogs, Blog Me Pretty, ThemeForest...and on and on. There were too many elements I wanted to tweak, too few features that I loved. I wanted something clean, simple and modern, but I also wanted control of the simplicity and the power to rearrange my design if the urge strikes. I also wanted one or two things that felt like home, cells and skin that couldn't just be imported to a template. Clementine was my "brand" color (#E06700) out of the gate, but now I'm more prone to chartreuse; it's on my phone case and it's a color that represents pixelated joy. I'm also making an effort to spend more time in nature, listening and observing, which explains the friendly banner ferns. This combination of the electronic and the natural is what makes me tick, and it's what makes this site come to life now, too. 

This is a huge step forward for my vision and my business. I've had huge successes with my work at Brand Fever, and I've partnered with a few exceptional independent clients this year as well. When I started blogging in 2009, I never knew how much success I would have by simply putting myself out there — the single greatest thing I've done for myself, both in creativity and in business, is publicly produce. The accountability is a flame.

The rebrand of my brand and blog is yet another step forward in attracting the kinds of brands I want to work with. That said, let's work together!

Some of you have followed my posts from the beginning — thank you. I've made a mindful decision to archive those posts, to start fresh, and to focus on new parts of the site, like my Portfolio and Reading pages. If you're interested in revisiting the oldies, they live on the Archives section of this site. 

Over the past few months, I've seen so many sites that were strictly portfolios. I've seen so many blogs that were strictly in the lifestyle genre. I want this to be a fusion of both, because my authentic self is 50/50 in work and in play. The better you know me, the better you know my work, and the better relationships I'll have with my readers.

Grab a seat, have some coffee, and please subscribe!

Cheers to that new car smell – it's going to be a fun ride. 



Amanda Serfozo