Meet Eryn Erickson, Founder of So Worth Loving

Photo: Eryn Erickson

Photo: Eryn Erickson

On today's episode of On Branding, we're celebrating a beautiful friend and champion of authentic branding: Eryn Erickson.

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Eryn is the Founder of So Worth Loving, an Atlanta-based apparel brand that broaches topics of body love and self acceptance through beautiful design, visual storytelling, and organic community outreach.


Clark and I visited Eryn earlier this month at a beautiful coworking studio that doubles as the So Worth Loving HQ, as well as the home of Plywood People in East Atlanta. The place is like working out of a treehouse with your best friends. I was hesitant to leave after spending the morning (and afternoon!) there.

I was lucky enough to run into Hannah Brencher of More Love Letters while there, and of course, the conversation quickly turned to freaky pickles, the perks of coma-inducing sweet tea, and office hammocks.

(Because, obviously, what else would we talk about?)

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To say Eryn is an inspiration is an understatement. When your heart is made of gold, the Midas touch comes naturally :)

*Watch Eryn's story here, or say hello on Twitter at @SoWorthLoving! *

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