I can solve your content crisis in one hour.

Sometimes you just need an hour. Maybe two, maybe more. You just need to talk to someone to sort it out, get it off your chest, or get out of your own head.

Maybe your content has been plaguing you for awhile, like a scary leech that's been sucking your business dry. Maybe you believe in what your business does, but it lacks strategy, effectiveness, or spirit. Or, perhaps you're designing a radical new app, website, e-book series, or conference talk and you need some help organizing all that content.

Well, that's what Skillpocket is for.

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Now you can borrow me for an hour to help you think through your own content strategy. You already know about my expertise, experience, and people-first personality. Now all that's left is booking the appointment and making the call.

Similar to what Lexicontent offers through Content Therapy, this is a short-term solution that has the potential to give you longterm results.

Skillpocket is for you if:

* You have a single project that needs content clarity
* You're not looking for a longterm content relationship
* You need a few hours of one-on-one help
* You'd like to test the waters before you commit to a project or partnership

Let's make your content work harder for you. I'll see you there!

Amanda Serfozo