Our Unexpected Spring


Welcome, spring! Not even two weeks ago, we had ice dangling off our roof and snow padding the backyard. Last week and even today, we hit a high of 75° with the kind of crisp, clean light that puts you in the mood to clear out winter's dusty bones and usher in the new season, albeit even if it's a bit premature. That's Atlanta for you. 

Last weekend, Joe and I hit Home Depot preeeetttyyyy hard. Let me just say for the record, nothing will make you feel more grown up than purchasing Philips screwdrivers and houseplants. Anyway, we bought some sprightly new succulents to pep up the kitchen, replacing two dead basil plants, a prickly parsley plant, and a corner plant we have affectionately named "Billy" posthumously. Rest his soul. 

Most of my friends are living in polar climates, but for those that have experienced the thaw so far, how are you making room for spring?



Amanda Serfozo