What's So Wonderful About Mr. Wonderful?

Photo Credit: Profit Guide

Photo Credit: Profit Guide

I'm a huge fan of Shark Tank. Are you? Do you have a favorite investor?

I love ALL the Sharks, ALL for very different reasons. But where I used to hate the ground Kevin O'Leary walked on (if only for his brusqueness), I've been converted.

In fact, I actually kind of love him.

Here's why:

As a business owner, I completely understand why he is the way he is. You've got to know how to hold your own, speak without fear of offending others, and know your worth when you enter into an intense negotiation. Kevin is a living, breathing example of what Michael Corleone meant when he said, "It's not personal. It's just business."

I'm trying to cultivate a little more Kevin in my life these days. He's a total ballbuster, a self-described "merchant of truth", and a financially-motivated investor who, yes, gets way too caught up in the bottom line at times.

But I think if I could shadow anyone out of the core group of Sharks, it would be Mr. Wonderful.

He's an a-hole, but he's my a-hole.

Amanda Serfozo