Lexicontent Launch Day


Lexicontent is an emotive storytelling studio, nestled between the tradition of storytelling and the science of what moves you.

My original plan was to launch our site on July 1st. Neat, clean, tidy.

But as you probably know, plans have a wicked sense of humor like that. They throw you for a loop, often to see if you have the will to untie them.

Over the past few weeks, we've had the opportunity to quietly meditate on the spectrum of human emotion and our role in touching those emotions to put a little more good out into the world with people. We've spent time out in the world, listening to people who give a damn about their place in it.

Today, we launch so that these people can share their stories and own businesses that thrive.

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Lexicontent is thrilled to lead the future of what content will evolve into – advertisements, documentaries, photo essays, brand messaging, native publishing, user experience testing, and yes, even robotics and wearable technology are all on the table. Our services are ever-changing, never static, and highly personal to our clients' vision.

The future is not about "driving" results, engagement, or analytics.

It's about weaving a profoundly human story that honors you — the one reading this — by giving you reasons to believe in brands that do more than sell you things you don't love.

On the morning of Lexicontent's public launch, I couldn't be more proud of Joseph and I. As co-founders in life and in love, we have even surprised ourselves with what we're capable of producing. Tireless thinking, hearts that just won't quit, and legs that search for the untold story will always be at the very core of our business.

Thank you to our friends, partners, and unofficial board of advisors who have helped us along the way. Thank you to the people that showed me what leadership was (and wasn't) so that I could find my footing in the world.

It is through practice that we find purpose.

Here's to the story unfolding,


Amanda Serfozo