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Photo Credit:  Photograph of President Reagan - NARA

Photo Credit: Photograph of President Reagan - NARA

It's no secret that Ronald Reagan loved writing letters.

Dozens of letters – every day – to dignitaries, colleagues, children, even enemies. Beautiful letters that recalled some special moment or memory or totem. He used stationary sometimes, and simple notebook paper other times. He told people what he admired about them, and thanked them for even the most mundane things. I've always been inspired by that...which is why I don't believe in buying email lists or "blasting" marketing-speak out to people.

If I can pour as much love and heart into one email over the course of a day as Ronald Reagan poured into his cards over the years sitting at his big Oval Office desk, I can walk away from my desk feeling completely satisfied, too.

It's not about the number of email addresses in your contacts.

It's the amount of love and appreciation you send out to someone you believe in.

The depth of our relationships determines everything.

Amanda Serfozo