Introducing Lexicontent

Let's toast...

This month, I became CEO.

(Chief Everything Officer.)

What It Means

Several weeks ago, I announced that I'm stepping down from my current position as Content Strategist & Copywriter to lead Lexicontent, an emotion-driven storytelling + content acceleration studio.

Lexicontent is hyper-focused on putting nothing but good into the arms of those who benefit from purpose driven brands. We make magic happen with brands that stand for something. We work with passionate folks who understand that their customers aren't simply quantified as "demographics", "targets", or "statistics". We work with businesses and individuals who understand that people are everything and resonant stories have the power to touch lives.

Un-jargoned. Human. Entirely real.

Our process is simple: we sit down together to identify a unique set of feelings you wish to express, and develop content around those emotional targets. While most content agencies begin with metrics, we develop stories around specific emotions and build powerful words from a very intentional foundation. We believe that goosebumps, gaping mouths, and magnetism to the story are just as measurable as likes, RTs, and shares.

What about your brand makes your heart flutter? Who do you want to awe?

Knowing these details, we get to work building out projects, reviewing goals, and accelerating content to the right people, at the right time, in the right place.

We're currently working with great minds to understand more unconventional methods of brand storytelling: wearable technology, experiential spaces, and the implications of iOS8 to content development this fall.

To say that our world is rocking right now is an understatement.

Where We've Been

Lexicontent's building blocks have been in the works privately (and pseudo-publicly) for the past three months. A nugget of an idea, a few serendipitous brushes with heroes who became friends, and a few signed contracts later, we're well on our way. The big decision came at a time when I felt that I couldn't work one day job, come home to my other job, and devote my full energy and attention to producing truly great work. So, I hired myself.

Joseph and I turned into walking nuts somewhere along the line, moving together as we talked about our ideas aloud. Together, we've booked over 100 miles in exactly one month and dropped a few pants sizes by pure coincidence. We've been lucky enough to travel on-site for a few projects, sit down to drinks with our neighbors, and Skype with some incredible leaders who are making waves in education, leadership, design, and the arts. We're making plans to travel for equal parts work and play this summer, which is something I've never done – and I'm SO ready to give that to myself. I'm learning a new rhythm right now: not only to balance many spinning plates at once, but to spin them in environments that inspire my work and vision for what could be.

We've met new local design talent who've expressed their excitement about joining us to form a collective in video, design, and technology. We're building out courses with General Assembly and some beautiful local studio spaces to lock in dates for public workshops. As we speak, I'm preparing my first ever (!) conference talk for Blend Conference this fall. Shortly after that, we're hitting the road to Circles Conference in Texas, to meet some friends we've recorded On Branding with in the past year – like Megan and Mike Gilger of Wild Measure and The Fresh Exchange, Kathleen Shannon, as well as our friends at The Heads of State. I'm also really excited to hear from Bill Kenney of Focus Lab, someone I really admire and whose team works in Savannah, a city close to my heart.

Off We Go

Launch day is set for July 1.

For now, we celebrate and acknowledge this moment.

  • We acknowledge the hard work that has gone into this launch.
  • We acknowledge that we're living in an extraordinary time, where becoming a business can quite literally happen overnight.
  • The late nights, the early mornings, the gutting of our studio space to reflect our intention and style.
  • The 12 hour road trips with our cat and our guinea pig in the backseat.
  • The scared shitlessness and pure energy that comes with this new territory.
  • The joy of meeting someone really special, whose brand can blossom because of the service you provide.
  • The unbelievable physical hunger (grrrowl!) that comes from a full day of deep thinking, juggling multiple job titles, and talking – nonstop.
  • The time spent thinking about processes, our own brand identity, and the people we want to work with.

Join us in celebrating the birth of Lexicontent with Joseph and I this summer. Plans to host a local community dinner are in the works for next month, so if you're in Atlanta, come out and raise a glass! [ request an invite here ]

It's time to make magic.

Before I go, a quick note...

My inbox is open to you 24/7.

Send me a note with the name of one person (maybe yourself!) that you think I should get coffee with, either in person or online, in the next few weeks. Maybe you're starting a business too, or you know someone that's got a vision that the world needs to hear.

Let's talk!

Amanda Serfozo