If You'd Told Me A Year Ago...


If you'd told me a year ago that I'd be receiving such awesome praise from my heroes, I never would've believed you. It's been an incredible year of planning, producing, and interviewing some of my most respected creative and influential people.


That said, a huge thank you to The Great Discontent for their blog shoutout profiling me, #OnBranding, and Brand Fever! I still have to pinch myself seeing my name up there, but I'm so very humbled by it.

To donate to The Great Discontent's Kickstarter project, please visit the link here.

(via The Great Discontent)

(via The Great Discontent)


Speaking of #OnBranding, I had the great privilege of meeting Jonathan Baker, Co-Founder and Master of Mind Control at beloved Atlanta brewery, Monday Night. They make some delicious beers and have a kick butt story to boot, so we sat down with them this morning to hear more about how the brand got its roots from a Bible study basement, how it differentiates itself from the market by lovin' up on our local food scene, and why they've chosen to stay true to the Southeast.

More on that next month — stay tuned!


Amanda Serfozo