Getting Inked


Let's cut to the chase.

I'm getting inked.

Which really means...


The agreement with all appropriate parties has been signed and sealed.

I can't reveal a whole lot just yet, which is why you'll see below that the book's title is referred to as Working Title for now. But I want to give you a little snapshot into the project...and also, a reason for why my skin will be indistinguishable from sweatpants for the next 7-8 months. You've been warned.


The book will wrap production by Spring 2015, enter art direction by Summer 2015, and be available for purchase by Fall 2015.

Early access is coming soon...

I'll be giving away a limited early run of copies to close friends and colleagues. If that's you, send me a private message so I can send you goodies.


Equal parts satirical and functional, [Working Title] will give product, web, and creative development teams a hilarious glimpse into the lives of the people they really work for — their audiences. Peel back the intricate layers of personality traits, explore the invisible details that influence personalities, and uncork belief systems and behaviors, all with a heavy dose of humor.

As silliness and bold truths emerge, [Working Title] will offer up razor-sharp clarity that prevents the pain of missed opportunities and misguided marketing in the longrun.

I'm really excited to loosen up my writing style, while also giving the people I work closely with a reason for picking up this book and having fun.

You'll laugh! You'll nod! You'll observe the previously un-observable!

And hey — I'm willing to bet that you'll get some serious mileage out of it.


Personas are a chance to go wild with specificity. They are, hands down, my favorite part of the branding and content development process. And the best part? Teams that create content, design, web development, and product strategy use personas internally to bring clarity to each project. By making the persona development process hysterical -- and useful -- it's a chance to lighten up while also bringing enormous depth to the final product.

And that, my friends, is what this crazy world of creative-making is all about.

Amanda Serfozo