Now Loving: GE's "The Boy Who Beeps"

Happy #Kickoff2014, America!

Tonight GE aired a brilliant ad that I wanted to spotlight, called "The Boy Who Beeps".

Moving from birth to boyhood, the ad is a stunning chronology of a young man who speaks the language of technology, engaging in conversation with lights, machines, and devices. Part whimsical observer, part masterful orchestrator, the boy is able to wield technology in meaningful ways for the people that matter. 

And the takeaway?

"When you speak the language of an industry, the conversation can change the world."

Watching this ad brought me back to the spark that ignited the founding of Lexicontent.

To create content that removes the corporate jargon and technospeak. To bring a brand vision back to (human) basics. To create stories that stir the soul. To bring people a little bit closer to the 'who', the 'why', and the 'how'.

"The Boy Who Beeps" is my new North Star. I can only hope to produce a project like this in the very near future.

Bravo, GE. 

Amanda Serfozo