Falling for Fall

We've been joyously welcoming fall around these parts lately. The air blows a little bit cooler, the leaves rustle a little bit louder, and there's a deep sense of turning inward and reflecting on another year (almost) passed.

Lexicontent has been having a whirlwhind month, welcoming 4 new clients across 14 Basecamp projects. Our cups are happily overflowing with work! The best part about this business is the fact that we love and believe in our clients so much. They are so eager to help us talk to the right people, introduce us to the right interviewees, or generate ideas for videos and infographics. They are our partners in every sense of the word, and we're so proud to help tell their story through multiple forms of storytelling.

This past weekend, Joseph and I took in some of the sights and sounds of our neighborhood. We're the proud new owners of Nikon D3300 and a ton of new gear, like flashes, filters, and tripods, so the time seemed ripe to go explore and shoot off some film. We explored the Georgia Tech campus on Saturday, taking beautiful panoramic shots off the top of the student center, along with some sharp portraits on the steps of a converted 50's era school turned apartment building.

Tonight, we went to Target for jellybeans, because obviously that's why Target exists. Anyway, since the only rule of Target is that you can't leave with one thing, we stocked up on some sweet new fall decor for our fireplace mantle. We're so lucky to have the original fireplace in our home, originally built in the 40's. It actually extends to two rooms, the living room, and the Lexicontent studio on the wall opposite. We picked up a few owl friends, some pumpkins, new branch lights, and some lanterns. I think it looks like it could've come straight from West Elm if I say so myself!


How are you enjoying this new fall season, friends?

Amanda Serfozo