Editor-in-Chief, Circles Blog

Photo Credit: Kathleen Shannon / Braid Creative

Photo Credit: Kathleen Shannon / Braid Creative

Honored and giddy to contribute to the Circles Conference blog as its Editor-in-Chief today.

I step back and look at the lineup, the caliber of guests, and the panels that are taking place over the course of two days (September 18-19), and I just can't believe that I get to take part in something so powerful and special in the creative community.

New conversations with Kyle Steed, The Heads of State and many more are on the way...

In the meantime, enjoy this latest post, a conversation with Kathleen Shannon of Braid Creative, on what it means to lead the creative process, magnetize audiences through stories, and connect with her community of ambitious brand builders around the world.

Read it here.

Amanda Serfozo