A Slice of Life

(1) Joe and I have slowly been adding lines of wire and clips to our sunny studio room. It's the best way we know how to display all the tchotchkes that seem to accumulate on my desk. On the top row are brand personas, and beneath that, a Renoir card, Jeni's Atlanta poster from the first store's opening, and some Happy Birthday greetings.

(2) My parents made the big move from Philadelphia to Atlanta. Here's an aerial shot of our *massive* bowls of Pad Thai from this past weekend. Crab rangoons and Thai iced tea to go along with everything, natch.

(3) I just sent my tax documents off to the accountant this evening! Hooray! Fingers crossed I didn't miss anything – and that tax refund comes sooner than later ;) 

(4) It's still so surreal to see On Branding appear next to my favorite podcasts on Stitcher. Pinch me, please.



Amanda Serfozo