Welcome! I’m Amanda Serfozo, content strategist and messaging architect that works with brands, businesses, and nonprofits to resonate with real humans. Every project I touch (and I do touch every single one of them) is another chance for me to use my head to learn, my heart to listen, and my hands to shape the story unfolding.

I believe that emotion always has been and always will be the invisible thread connecting communities across language, culture, and geography. For brands, emotional resonance is everything. For me, it’s the language I think, write, and speak in. 

Self-awareness creates curiosity that I capture and distill into content that moves brands and their communities forward.

When I put emotion at the center of my clients' stories, the results are profound: the right customers, attracted in the right ways, to the right story – every single time. This process has become an indelible part of my story, in which content strategy is my beloved craft. Through the craft of my clients, I have realized my own.

I’ve had the incredible opportunity to sit at the table with some of the world’s most powerful and creative individuals, honoring their experience and expertise. Through a combination of grit, curiosity, and serendipity, I pounded on doors, and those doors opened up with opportunity for me.

What a joy it is to hold these stories in my hands. What a gift it is to give voice to the innovators, pioneers, and the truth-tellers.

Since I began working in the content and digital publishing industry 10 years ago, people have invited me to document their worlds, and in turn, their worlds have become the story that I elevate and amplify. It's my ambition to return the favor and share my mastery with the next generation of content strategists and storytellers seeking to merge career and calling. In time, I hope to leave a legacy as a door-opener to those who wish to pursue a life of creativity and a true love of craft.

Thank you for for visiting, for sharing your story with me, and for allowing me to share my work with you.

Cheers to the story unfolding,




Amanda Serfozo is a seasoned messaging architect and content strategist with over 10+ years of experience working side-by-side with Fortune 500 brands, agencies, nonprofits and startups to develop emotionally resonant content. With a deep knowledge of content and its peripheral subject matter, Amanda is also fluent in the languages of user experience and user interface design (UX/UI), product development, and digital publishing.

With her background in the content and user experience space, Amanda serves clients at the intersection of design and strategy, directing projects through the lens of resonant content. Her work is founded on the idea that how messaging makes us feel is the impetus for why we take action to see, hear and discover more of it. Her inclusive approach to content strategy invites specialists, strategists, designers and developers of all fields to the table to rethink customer and persona needs, all in an effort to champion and honor the audience.

In her day-to-day work, Amanda moves content from concept to execution, refining the discovery, strategy, and publishing process to benefit clients and help them better express themselves.

Amanda began her career in 2006 with an editorial internship at Rodale. She later organized at Obama for America, launched the first chapter of TEDxEmory, covered New York Fashion Week for NBC, researched on behalf of the National Science Foundation, organized the first content strategy blueprint ("ABAi") at the American Bar Association, helped launch Peers.org, supported Uber and similar startups in their efforts for local expansion, and served at several award winning design and UX agencies.


A passionate advocate for personas that represent real use-case scenarios, Amanda is currently writing 101 Personas to humanize a process widely considered prescriptive, formulaic, and impersonal. 101 Personas is an empathy tool and anthology of personas developed for projects both real and imagined. 101 Personas is an approachable, heartfelt, and useful collection of richly detailed personas and helpful exercises that challenge strategists, designers, and entrepreneurs to rethink empathy in the context of branded experiences.


Prior to co-founding Lexicontent, Amanda served at several award-winning design and user experience agencies in Atlanta, working with a range of Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and nonprofits in their quest to build successful and sustainable content strategies. During her time working with agencies, Amanda was brought on to work with notable clients such as Coca-Cola, Georgia-Pacific, Dairy Queen, Rite-Aid, and Turner Broadcasting (TBS/TNT) to produce a variety of content deliverables, including brand storytelling for national campaigns, commercials, advertising concepts, launch and explainer scripts, speeches taglines, key messaging, and digital reports.

As the creator and producer of several niche podcasts, Amanda has reached over 10,000 listeners in 85 countries, Amanda has interviewed the Founders and Creative Directors of Harry's/Warby Parker, Coca-Cola, Etsy, Uber, 37Signals, Zady, Wistia, and Wild Measure, among many others. 

She has also been instrumental in directing and organizing several industry conferences and events, including TEDx, Web Afternoon, Remix South, and Startup Rally. 


Prior to joining the agency side, Amanda wrote and edited for Runner's World Magazine (Rodale), organized at Obama for America, helped launch the first chapter of TEDxEmory, covered Mercedes Benz Fashion Week for NBC New York, researched on behalf of the National Science Foundation, organized the first content strategy blueprint (ABAi) at the American Bar Association, assisted in the early launch of Peers.org, and supported Uber and similar startups in their efforts for local expansion.


Amanda’s work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Brand New, Branding Magazine, Creative Mornings, Curbed, and Dot Complicated by Zuckerberg Media. 


Amanda earned her degree in Political Science and Sociology from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia in 2012.

After turning down an offer to study at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., she opted to immerse herself in the up-and-coming UX and design industry by championing better content and building more resonant experiences for all.