Hot Minute

During my time at Brand Fever, I led content efforts to provide biweekly, 60-second reads to our audience of LinkedIn members, mostly executive-level CMOs, CEOs, and marketing managers at Fortune 500 and mid-market brands. I offered insight on a wide range of marketing, branding, and design topics, including UX/UI for mobile devices, brand manifestos, launch plans, audience segmentation, case studies, and client intake strategies.

Blog Posts

I also wrote longer form content that explored marketing and branding strategies, like omni-channel marketing, B-Corporations, sonic branding, standout "survival kits", and persona creation.



On Branding

On Branding 300.png

On Branding allowed me to make friends with my heroes, talk to industry legends, and expose the world to incredible brand stories happening right here in our backyard.

On Branding is a digital documentary and podcast series that introduces audiences to the world's most celebrated brand creators, innovators, entrepreneurs and experts, giving an unprecedented behind-the-scenes look at national Fortune 500 brands, as well as Atlanta's own organic, homegrown successes. During my time producing the show (April 2013 - June 2014) On Branding grew to reach 100+ countries, and every major market worldwide (North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia). 

Past guests included Eric Davich (co-founder, Songza), Alissa Walker (Urbanism Editor, Gizmodo), Keith Radford (GM, Uber), Chase Clemons (Support Lead, 37Signals), Adii Pienaar (PublicBeta and WooThemes), Soraya Darabi and Maxine Bedat (co-founders, Zady), Jesse Altman (CEO, Whynatte), Willem Van Lancker (co-founder and Designer, Oyster), Seb Williams-Key (Yoga Studio), Ryan Lessard (New Business Developer, Kiip), Marissa Sackler & Simon Isaacs, Charity:Water, Beespace), Nicki Schroeder (CMO, High Road Ice Cream), Gina Munsey (founder, Lenka and the Fawn), Liz Gillespie (Atlantic Station), Megan and Mike Gilger (Wild Measure, The Fresh Exchange), Ryan and Tina Essmaker (The Great Discontent), Ed Burke (ScentAir), Peter Corbett (CEO, iStrategyLabs), Jonathan Baker (co-founder, Monday Night Brewing), and Chris Savage (CEO, Wistia). 

During my time producing On Branding, the show received praise from Graphic Design USA Magazine, and was featured in Brand New.


On Branding.png

Coke Happiness Lounge

Who says happiness isn't a place on Earth?

Coca-Cola partnered with Brand Fever for its 2013 FMI Future Connect Conference to write and refine on-brand copy to reflect key messaging for 6+ verticals, including strategic branding initiatives to drive beverage incidence, light and chilled drinks categories, snack program insights, immediate consumption solutions, emerging innovation, shopper-centric meal solutions, and overall path to purchase roadmaps. I worked with our design team to create an experiential "lounge" setting for consuming content – literally – displayed on iPads and smartphone devices.

I also designed a true/false style game to reinforce Coca-Cola's offerings and portfolio of products. In partnership with Coca-Cola, we delivered MyCokeRewards for all game winners, rewarding the user for engaging with the content.

I was brought into the project to write "happiness" scripts that encapsulated the brand's signature refreshment experience, and storyboarded all tradeshow displays, used on loop while guests enjoyed Coca-Cola beverages at standing tables throughout the Happiness Lounge.

Coca-Cola Freestyle Newsletter

Coca-Cola worked with the Brand Fever to develop a custom newsletter for its proprietary Freestyle machine, in light of the company's pitch and sales team effort to bring the offering into McDonalds stores nationwide. I was brought into concept 2-3 dozen newsletter names that placed emphasis on the brand's strides toward continued innovation, leadership, and growth. Together with Coca-Cola's team, a final round of 6 names were selected, with one being chosen as the winner.

Supplier Diversity Campaign Taglines

Coca-Cola partnered with Brand Fever to develop a B2B tradeshow-specific ad campaign demonstrating its commitment to diversity and women-owned franchises and retail businesses that serve Coca-Cola products.

I led the project's ad copywriting, reflecting many of the mission statements in the company's 20/20 vision.

Proposed concept lines for the ad were:

  • It only takes one to changes the lives of everyone. Making opportunities possible every day.
  • We help build those who build the future of their communities, businesses and opportunities.
  • The difference between dreaming and doing. That's diversity at work. Coca-Cola celebrates prosperity, opportunity and community for the next generation.
  • Powering the empowered. Activating the active. Investing in the inspired. When a life, a living, and a passion unite – Coca-Cola is there to celebrate it.
  • We've seen the future – and it looks like diversity. We are proud to support the goals of women and diverse business owners around the world, in their efforts to improve their communities and empower their goals.
  • Making a difference starts with making investments in meaningful opportunities, promising leaders, and the power of visionary thinking. Today and every day, Coca-Cola is proud to bring dreams to life.


Coca-Cola & Dairy Queen Franchisee Announcement

Dairy Queen, a Buffet/Berkshire Hathaway-owned chain of restaurants, announced to its franchisees that the company had signed a deal with Coca-Cola to provide only Coca-Cola beverages in its stores. The exciting announcement meant a wide range of branded collateral to introduce the brand's partnership into stores, including a Coca-Cola & Dairy Queen sales brochure, presentation, personalized 'thank you', World of DQ advertisement, and selling script.

The ad was anchored by tagline copy, stewarding the value, equity and legacy of Coca-Cola and Dairy Queen – together. It was important to Dairy Queen that the ad and supporting copy pieces paid homage to the Coca-Cola brand story, while also acknowledging the new face of its own strategy as "Fan Food, Not Fast Food".



Sappi "Ideas That Matter" Design Grant

Each year, Sappi Fine Papers launches its "Ideas That Matter" design competition for agencies and creative consultancies. Participants typically pair up with nonprofits in their cities, working pro bono to submit an idea – such as food truck wrap, website, or print collateral – to raise the profile of these organizations through well-crafted, thoughtful design.

This year, I partnered with two members of our Brand Fever design team to write copy for our City of Refuge family. We worked with City of Refuge in rebranding projects and web design efforts. We wanted to help them market the 180° Kitchen, a full-service catering kitchen on-site that helps homeless men and women earn precious job training skills. All proceeds made through catering return to the kitchen, in order to make it fully functioning and independent.

I worked with our designers to write foodie-friendly copy that advertised the freshness, attention to detail, and good works associated with the 180° Kitchen. Through designs that featured fruits and vegetables, wood textures, and hand-drawn elements, we presented our concepts for branded menus, van wraps, and an online ordering website. Given Atlanta's explosive wedding economy and event scene, we knew joining forces with 180° Kitchen and the City of Refuge organization would yield sweet results.

The project won $29,000+ in grant funds, to be used towards the development of our design concepts.




HomeBridge, formerly known as Real Estate Mortgage Network (REMN) came to Brand Fever with a passion to rebrand – and simplify. Not only for the organization's loan originators, but for its thousands of families who've been able to own the home of their dreams. 

I was asked to join the rebranding efforts on this project, by providing concepts and copy for several strategic deliverables: 

I first provided content strategy in the form of a content audit and gap analysis, working closely with our interactive and web development team to find missing or misguided content on the company's website. I wrote over 50+ headlines and edited existing web copy on each page of the HomeBridge website.

Next, I wrote copy for HomeBridge's executive leadership as it went "on the road" to announce its rebranding internally, at 6 of its branch locations, from California to New Jersey. The theme was focused on the notion of "easy", and the company decided on a "Speakeasy" theme; the event was kept under wraps until all employees could join in, at which point the new brand was unveiled. 

I also wrote ad concepts (headlines, body copy) for HomeBridge's advertisements, set to run in real estate and mortgage trade publications, as well as national media, including the New York Times and Wall Street Journal.

Homebridge Culture Video

In the spring of 2014, I was brought in to lead content creation for HomeBridge's culture video.

The video's goals were to attract new mortgage and real estate talent to the company, retain existing mortgage lenders, and communicate the company's culture of positivity, community, and passion for helping American's get into the homes of their dreams.

Working out of the Peachtree City office for three days, I interviewed 6-10 of the company's top producers from regions across the U.S., coaching their on-camera responses, and drawing out the most compelling messages for the video. 

Prior to shooting the video, I storyboarded scripts read by the company CEO and executive leadership team, touching on HomeBridge's most important core concepts: leadership, employees, business as culture, relationships, growth opportunities, teamwork, talent, advantages, values, and company mission.



LFI Master Design Concepts

Strategy wins when writing excels.

Light Fair International is the world's largest event for lighting and industry designers, contractors, builders, and architects. For its 2014 Las Vegas convention, the organization expressed their desire for concepts focused on the human element, curiosity, and fascination.

I was asked to concept several dozen tag lines, as well as key messaging, vision, and mission statements that defined LFI's importance in the design industry. Above all, copy had to reflect the show's opportunity for design talent to find the solution for their next lighting project, and witness new technology as it's born.

Light Fair International immerses, educates, and inspires the world's most celebrated members of the lighting industry.

Light Fair International is the only lighting conference of its kind, inviting bright design and manufacturing talent to the world's stage. Through dynamic business opportunities, hands-on product interaction, immersive educational experiences, and exclusive networking events, Light Fair International represents the nexus of what's new and next for the industry.



Coca-Cola & McDonald's World Cup Concepts

McDonald's and Coca-Cola asked Brand Fever to present exciting, immersive concepts to its team in anticipation of its Worldwide Operators Conference. The event is a time to celebrate franchisee owners and operators, many of whom travel together to experience a taste of what's new and innovative for the company.

I led concepting for this project, including Alive: Worldwide (urban street art inspired, live folding wrapper and label artists, art installations, a live Tweet wall, and local screenprinters) and Sense Together (sensory and immersive, featuring aromatherapy, a branded soundtrack, standing conversation tables, overhead audio stations, and massage chairs).

The project was a fascinating experience, allowing me to play in the intersection of experiential design and branded key messaging.

Coca-Cola McDonald's Division Project Updates

The right words make all the difference.

The Coca-Cola Company's McDonald's division worked with Brand Fever to develop a custom project updates email, designed for eye-catching readability by its supply chain, operations, marketing, and menu management teams. I played an integral role in the project, crafting the newsletter's name ("The Refreshment Report") and vertical-specific headlines.

Coca-Cola McDonald's Stewardship Site

An annual tradition, Coca-Cola and McDonald's always pair up to commemorate breakthroughs, achievements, and milestones in their business relations, while celebrating the progress both companies have made in bringing happiness to every corner of the world.

2014 was a special year for the annual stewardship report. Brand Fever was called on to produce its first digital-only, interactive website to communicate its biggest moments. The site was targeted to specific leaders and stakeholders in strategic regions, and marketed to 6 regions across the world.

I was brought in conjunction with our designers and web developers, to write bold statement headlines throughout the website, focusing on lines like "Creating Moments That Matter", and "Refreshing the World Together". My copy was mindful of the site's user interface, like animated bubbles, directional navigation, and clickable stories throughout.



Angel Soft Ultra Embossed Launch

Georgia Pacific, a close client to Brand Fever, asked us to help them work on several deliverables for its Angel Soft Ultra embossed launch, set to take place at its annual ISSA event. The event is targeted toward A-class business and office managers, hotel managers, and individuals tasked with selecting bath tissue at their establishments.

Deliverables for this project included a custom mail teaser, product poster, and 30 second video with full storyboarding and scriptwriting.

I concepted three themed directions for the project: Elevated Quality (a roll of Angel Soft Ultra upon a cloud and throne), Essential For Luxury (a rolled out roll in place of a red carpet, its embossed texture on a high-end fashion piece, and a roll offered on a silver platter), Soothing Comfort (a home's interior made of Angel Soft Ultra, including bed, linens, slippers and couch).

SofPull Stainless Steel Launch

This year, Georgia-Pacific unveiled its shiny new stainless steel dispenser at several industry tradeshows. I was brought onto the project to write ad headlines and copy, communicating the stylish and smart benefits to switching to a stainless steel dispenser. This copy was targeted toward upperclass business, office, hotel, and retail managers who personally select facility upgrades.

Georgia-Pacific Content Strategy

I worked with Georgia-Pacific Professional, its B2B wing that manages janitorial, foodservice, and large venue needs, to define, strategize, and develop a comprehensive content strategy plan. Together, we created a unique strategy built to activate and inform audiences and select personas under four GP Pro content channels: hygiene, cost effectiveness, image, and sustainability.

Due to the scope of the work, GP Pro decided to hire a full-time social media and content marketer. I wrote a full-service content task list to demonstrate the workflow for the new hire, starting with content brainstorm and continuing through structuring, production, interviews, editing, approval, scheduling, socializing, analytics, archiving, and governance.



MPower Mobile App Launch Video

ABM is a premier provider of building maintenance and facilities at stadiums, hotels, and retail stores in the United States and Canada. Before MPower, operators were spending too much time tethered to their desks. Cumbersome updating processes (multiple sign-ons, no mobile options, slow moving information) made them frustrated, taking time away from more meaningful tasks, and preventing them from making more meaningful relationships between clients and co-workers.

MPower is a single sign-on, instant entry for ABM employees. Desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone, MPower allows users to access their custom interface to quickly view relevant information, resulting in efficient management and faster task completion.

I wrote questions, specifically to create content for its app unveiling video. Questions had to address the initial problem, idea, development, benefits, usability, and testimonials by ABM senior executives in a one-day shoot.

ABM 2007-2014 In Review Video

ABM worked with Brand Fever to produce an "in review" video, showcasing its strategic growth over the past seven years.

I was brought on to lead scriptwriting and storyboarding, communicating the company as a global leader, consistently positioned to embrace and acquire new opportunities for expansion and industry excellence.

The script worked with visuals to tell a chronological story of mergers, acquisitions, and service line expansion, serving as a "rally cry" for the entire company, and highlight reel of its most strategic business moves to date.

With a focus on the company's expansion, organization, and infrastructure, the video introduced several climaxes coinciding with its largest wins to date, while also keeping an eye on ABM's outlook past 2015 in areas of energy, security, and empowered growth.

The video ended with messaging that communicated ABM's continued market growth in Europe, positioning the company as a "game changer" for "today, tomorrow, and 100 years from now".



Upfront 2014 Campaign

TBS and TNT, sister brands under Turner Broadcasting, represent today's face of realtime, social, and collaborative media. With original content like CONAN, Men at Work, Dallas, Falling Skies, and Mob City, the networks are leading millennial (18-34) and primetime viewership, not only on television sets, but on second screen devices, video on demand (VOD) and online media channels.

Turner Broadcasting chose Brand Fever as its creative partner in developing theme line, roadshow content, and upfront ad copywriting for its 2014 Upfront season, occurring this May 2014. Through a combination of digital strategy (i.e. web takeovers, video content, social engagement) and offline interaction (i.e. billboard buys in Times Square, ad space in the New York Times, and signage around Madison Square Garden), I was brought on to lead and create all copy for this project.

Using the network's concept of NOW Media, I expanded upon several verticals: its proprietary MediaLab analytics reporting, collaborative content with notable directors and writers, original content through its Funny or Die acquisition, socialized broadcasting, brand targeting strategies, and sales ROI.

I delivered three concepts: "Must Watch Media", "Pulse On", "The Insiders", "Own the Moment", and "Now We're Onto Something", including headlines for each, and strategies to extend the campaign.



Well Spoken Keynote Series

Wellcentive is a collaborative population healthcare management solutions company, aimed at serving clients and customers through clinical and financial means. It is a key player in the healthcare IT, pharmaceutical, and clinical research industry, and as such, its robust analytics reporting, modeling, and insights are able to save money – and lives – through leading technology.

Wellcentive, a Brand Fever client on a diverse set of projects, came to the agency with a strategic need to develop its keystone series, the first of its kind targeted toward C-Suite healthcare executives. I was brought on to craft the series name and mission statement using on-brand messaging and positioning.

Several dozen name options were delivered, but one proposed name was seen as a standout: The Wellcentive Well Spoken Keynote Series is moving forward in development.



Rite Aid & Coca-Cola In-Store Displays

This year, Rite Aid and Coca-Cola paired up to bring a dose of happiness to the idea of wellness.

I was brought on to develop concepts for in-store displays, currently featured at flagship wellness Rite-Aid stores, part of a comprehensive launch strategy to compete with Walgreens and CVS through in-store experiences and engagement.

My work was focused on creating character sets for each category of brand beverage, with their own identifiable messages, such as "wellness", "energy in, energy out", "hydration", "happiness", "contentment", "thirst-quenching", "there when you need it", and "take me with you!" This was also paired with directional content that encouraged shoppers to change their line of vision, through phrases like "up here", "and "slide over here for freshness!"

Finally, each copy piece had an element of localization, to further reinforce the flagship store's location in the Atlanta metro area.




When Disney called on Brand Fever to help bring an imaginative, playful PSA campaign to life, I was happy to help make magic. Assisting our design team, I worked to weave together simple, yet powerful, stories and theme lines around Georgia-Pacific's unique partnership in delivering extraordinary environmental sustainability.

The message needed to deliver a whimsical, bold branded message through interactive displays at Disney theme parks, cruise ships, hotels, and retail stores, while focusing on the company's efforts to use recyclable material, source sustainable fibers, and lessen the manufacturing footprint.

Our team presented six design and copy concepts to Georgia-Pacific, and we are awaiting next round art direction.

This is an active project. Please watch this space for project updates and implementation.



Atlanta Bread Company

Atlanta Bread Company is a bakery-café franchise with 110+ locations over 24 states, headquartered in Atlanta. Serving chef-inspired soups, salads, sandwiches, breakfast options, and desserts, the restaurant has seen rapid growth in its national market, and its highest level of interest from prospective franchisees.

When the company's executive leadership came to Brand Fever, we spent an afternoon learning about the brand's history, its "bread man" logo, and the strategic ways in which it wants to capture customer segments, with an image of fresh-daily, upscale eats that can fit a variety of need-states, whether it be a professional lunch outing, or a student study session.

The company asked us to prepare campaign concepts for its spring/summer campaign, offering opportunities to learn about its Bacon, Brie & Arugula sandwich and Coffee Cakes. The campaign would also carry through from online to in-store point-of-sale, where customers would be able to learn more about its new offerings, and receive discounts for future visits.

I drafted copy with a focus on freshness, keeping in mind Atlanta Bread Company's appeal to more discerning tastebuds. Paired with stunning food photography, the copy is able to transfer from multiple touchpoints, whether it be digital banners or POP (point of purchase) displays, all while keeping the same delicious design aesthetic.

This is an active project. Please watch this space for project updates and implementation.



BLAST Rebrand

BLAST, formerly Blast 900, is an Atlanta based group fitness brand specializing in fat-shredding, interval cardio workouts. Alternating between high intensity elliptical machines and high impact floor exercises, BLAST is the place to "get in, get out, and get fit" in 60 minutes. 

BLAST's leadership and trainers worked with Brand Fever to do an entire brand refresh in light of plans to grow and franchise in 2015 and beyond, both inside and outside the Atlanta area. With the launch of its newest Midtown location acting as its flagship location for the brand unveiling, BLAST was ripe for a dramatic change.

I was brought on to lead BLAST's initial brand research, as well as its brand matrix, competitive audit, mission, vision, value proposition, attributes, and ultimately, its updated positioning. I also contributed two personas, written to help the team understand and design for client need states – in this case, attracting new fitness-fluent clients, and retaining its existing audience. 

Towards the end of the project, as signage and brand merchandise was going to market, I also wrote BLAST's "Mantra Wall", a dedicated wall space serving as an ethos for the "BLASTLife", now the centerpiece of everything the brand stands for. Powerful statements, coupled with its message of life-changing, personalized fitness, have delivered a brand that fully belongs to BLAST today.